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Little Miss Scrooge is a Dickensian Musical Extravaganza; a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol with additional characters and plot lines from Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, Bleak House and other great Dickens’ novels. 

Estella Scrooge, a young Wall Street tycoon and direct descendent of Ebenezer is tested beyond her wildest dreams when fate forces her to visit Pickwick, Ohio on Christmas Eve. There she meets Pip Nickleby who runs the Harthouse Hotel, a refuge for the sick, dispossessed and homeless. Part love story, part ghost story, Little Miss Scrooge attests to Dickens’ passionate belief in social reform and the overwhelming power of human kindness and generosity. 

Conceived by PAUL GORDON with Music and lyrics by PAUL GORDON
Based on characters by Charles Dickens
Directed by JOHN CAIRD and SAM CAIRD 
Salvation is a one-hour dramatic series, co-written with Stephen Gevedon, following the Rodriguez family, a Bronx military family of second-generation immigrants dealing with the ramifications of post-military service, the war in Afghanistan and the struggles of returning home alone.

When night falls in a dark and deserted wood, four young people awaken to find they have been drugged, kidnapped and taken to a strangely familiar mansion along with the owner of the property, Jennifer Barnes.  

To their horror, all the captives soon discover they are trapped in the house with a vengeful, masked psychopath and one of them holds a secret that could kill them all.

Only one man, a psychiatrist, Dr. David Elder, believes he knows the killer’s true identity. His quest to save his former patient before they kill again may be the young hostages’ only hope.

As the masked killer gruesomely murders their captives one by one, a pulse-pounding race against time begins to solve the mystery of the killer’s identity while Dr. Elder unlocks the dark, possibly supernatural secret of Jennifer’s past. 

My Beautiful Stutter is a feature length documentary that tells the story of five young individuals and their extraordinary journey from bullied to bravery. We share their daily challenges at school, at home and in their community.

Many young people in our society are bullied for one reason or another. A child who stutters can avoid confrontation by merely choosing to remain silent. But, that silence has a price -- isolation, depression, and for some the contemplation of suicide.

At The Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY) -- possibly for the first time in their lives -- children meet other children who stutter. They are encouraged to speak freely. They attend summer camp and theater festivals and ultimately come together for an enormous benefit gala performance in New York City. 

My Beautiful Stutter is there to witness that brave moment when a child who stutters chooses to speak out, when the need to be heard outshines the dark fear of being ridiculed. Individually and together, these young individuals make it clear through song and dance and spoken word, that each of them has something to say. And when they speak, it's beautiful.

My Beautiful Stutter is being co-produced by Michael Alden Productions and Ryan Gielen.
Albert never expected to become the King of England. The shy, fragile Duke of York, afflicted with a profound stammer, was comfortable living in the shadow of his dynamic older brother, Edward. But Edward’s determination to marry a twice-divorced American with Nazi sympathies and to make her his Queen would cause a national uproar that would forever change Albert, England and the world.

On January 20, 1936, with international war looming on the horizon, Eng-land’s King George V dies leaving the Monarchy and its country’s future to Edward. Within weeks, King Edward VIII causes a constitutional crisis by an­announcing his engagement to the twice-divorced American, Wallis Simpson. The marriage is opposed by Parliament and Edward chooses to abdicate the throne for the woman he loves.

The crown and the crisis are now left to Albert, who because of his affliction is ill prepared to inspire and lead a people now instantaneously informed by a new invention, the wireless radio.

After exhausting every Royal doctor and speech expert and dreading what might come, Albert's wife Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands, convincing her husband to seek help from an unconventional Harley Street doctor called Lionel Logue.

What transpires in the privacy of Logue’s consultation room is the heart of the story. A man destined to lead a nation and a therapist determined to give him a voice. Their success or failure as therapist and patient and, as unexpected friends, will seal their destiny, the destiny of England and, perhaps, the world.

History would have been much different if it were not for ‘The King’s Speech’.
A feature length documentary that chronicles the never before revealed true story of the formative years of music superstars Chuck D and The Bomb Squad's Keith Shocklee.

Before they were the worldwide phenomenon known as Public Enemy, Keith and Chuck were just two teens from Roosevelt, Long Island who wanted to see their passions become a piece of the fabric of American culture.

Public Enemy would ignite the greatest musical socio-political revolution since the 1960's. Ronald Reagan would call them terrorists. Children of the “Me Generation” would call them heroes. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would call them stars.

Keith and Chuck would call themselves two kids from Roosevelt, Long Island AKA “One Square Mile”, who cared for their community and the people that helped them get to where they are today.

Fight the power... cause we're louder than a bomb.
A Musical Comedy of Heirs

Max and Liz: a newly divorced couple, both young, both ambitious, and both dying to escape their bitter marital memories and start a new life away from Gotham. The only problem is -- without realizing it -- they each head to the exact same place. In sunny Palm Beach, Max and Liz find themselves assuming new identities inside the spectacular mansion of the wealthy and eccentric Fitch family. Keeping up appearances is hard enough under the circumstances, but it turns out Max and Liz are not the only ones with skeletons in their walk-in closets. A jewel theft, the arrival of a jealous lover and an oncoming hurricane all conspire to reveal scandals that explore gender roles, race, sexuality and relationships of every kind. Scandals that could forever destroy the legacy of The Fabulous Fitches.

When Reagan 
Killed Roosevelt

Emmy® Award-winning and Golden Globe® nominated writer, actress and comedian Monica Piper stars in this hilarious and heartfelt autobiographical ride of a Jew-“ish” woman’s life.  

From her show business family in the Bronx, to a WASP wedding, to her first step on a comedy club stage and life as a single mom, Piper shares the milestones and moments that shaped her life with the same signature wit found in her writing on, “Roseanne”, “Mad About You”, and her Emmy Award-winning work on “Rugrats”.  

Reminiscent of Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays with a peppering of Neil Simon's Lost In Yonkers, NOT THAT JEWISH is 90 lightning fast minutes of funny, moving, intimate and inspirational theater.
From the beginning of international flights across the Atlantic, the airport in Gander, Newfoundland served as a vital refueling stop between the Europe and the United States. What would quickly become the largest airport in the world, would just as quickly become obsolete with the birth of the jet plane - obsolete until the morning of September 11, 2001, when 38 planes on their way to the United States were forced down in Gander, depositing 6,000 plus people from around the globe into 
a community whose population was not that much greater in number. Come From Away is a revelatory new musical about an isolated town in Newfoundland that, without warning, played host to a world in chaos.  

Undaunted by culture clashes and language barriers, the citizens of Gander welcomed the stranded travelers with food and friendship and hope. Five days later, one by one the planes departed. But the memory of those 120 hours would forever change the citizens of Gander and all of those people who, came from away.

A death metal band, while recording their new album, inadvertently write a song so evil that any who hear it must die.

The lead guitarist for a down on their luck metal band discovers a rare copy of a centuries old classical music composition that is legendary as the Cursed Concerto.

Spending their last dime, the band decides to record a new album in a hail mary at fame and to cover the Cursed Concerto turning it into the most evil Death Metal song of all time, knowing for sure it will be the hit they have been searching for. 

The band soon discovers evil is not a marketing gimmick but all too real when the curse of the concerto is unleashed and everyone who hears the song is doomed to hell by dying a brutal death.

Password: SAYDOC2017